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-------------------------SPOILER ALERT----------------------

This writeup covers the entire Lava Chapter

You have just entered the Lava Area
Note "Jewels" on right wall
Play HO -- Get Wheel
Go right into building with columns
Talk to Blacksmith -- He wants Ore
Play HO -- Get Horseshoe
Go Straight
Play HO -- Get Metal Pipe
Go forward
Click on Brick Unit on Steps--Needs Gears
Click on Statue on steps -- Needs Broken Symbol
Go Left at top of steps
Place Metal Pipe into gears to stop Pouring Liquid
Play HO -- Get Broken Symbol
Go back 1x, click on statue on steps and place broken Symbol for a Mini-Game
You will get a Pickaxe
Center door is now open -- go straight thru it
Give Horseshoe to Horseman; give Wheel to Horseman
You will get Iron Ore for Blacksmith
Enter Building on Left
Talk to Man -- get gears
Go back 3x; give Iron Ore to Blacksmith -- get Bridge
Backup 1x -- Place Bridge, use Pickaxe to get Gems
Go Forward 2x
Click on Brick Unit on steps
Place Gears for Mini-Game
Once you complete Mini-Game, Bridge will lower on right side of screen
Take Bridge to the right
Talk to Man -- Give him Gems
Play HO -- Get Cane Handle
Give Cane Handle to the "gem" man and you will get a Cane
Go Back 2x and forward 1x
Give man with bad leg the Cane
Click on the Flying Machine Drawing 3x
Click on the Flying Machine
Click on the Back Door (it is over the man's shoulder)
Play Mini-Game -- you're in the Olympic Gardens

End of Lava Writeup

Hope this helps those of you that are stuck.

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