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----------------------------------SPOILER ALERT-----------------------

This writeup covers the entire Underwater Area

Underwater Area

Play HO -- Get Clay Tablet
Click on Ship
Click on front hole of ship

Inside Ship:
Click on Chest
Place Clay Tablet and play Mini-Game
Get Ariadne's Thread
Go back 2x and then go Straight
Go Left to Gazebo

Click on 3 shells -- fish will leave
Play HO -- Get Sponge
Go back 1x
Play HO -- Get Pumice Stone Go Forward

Smoky Area:
Place Pumice Stone on Smoking Chimney (left side of screen)
Use Sponge on Statue Base (statue on left side of screen) -- needs Mineral Piece
Play HO -- get Mineral Piece
Place Mineral Piece on Statue Base -- Get Amber

Go back 1x and then go Right to where Women Guards are

Women Guards:
Give Amber to them
Close Flying Machine Drawing
Play HO -- Get Poison Snail
Go back 1x and then go Forward 2x
Play Mini-Game -- get access to Fishman
Pickup Poison Snail and click several times on Fishman
Go Right

Poseidon Area:
Click on the Thread
Click on the Left Fish Column and Click on the Right Fish Column---do this while you have the thread
Click on Chariot
Play Mini-Game -- you are now at the Lava Area.

Hope this helps those of you that are having problems. I know I had problems with this section of the game.

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