first "hammer" game on front lawn..

[Post New]by RAbear on Dec 2, 15 1:43 PM
Help...I can't get past the first "hammer" game on the front lawn...early in the game

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Re:first "hammer" game on front lawn..

[Post New]by 16paws on Dec 15, 15 2:52 AM
This is a tough one, having to use the mouse; it's easier in PVZ HD with a touch screen. But for the PC version, it takes lots of practice. For me, what worked was to concentrate on getting the left most zombies first (the ones closest to the house) then use your accumulated bonus suns to plant gravebusters. & other powerups. Must be quick with the coneheads ( use two clicks each) and bucket heads (three clicks each.) Gravebusters help control production of new zombies. When the final wave comes, the mowers will get them all. You don't get the mower bonus points but at least you can beat the level. Actually, this hammertime level is much easier than the one in the mini-games. Good Luck!

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