Maximum Level for appliances

[Post New]by melorock on Dec 3, 15 12:49 PM
I am getting the message You have the maximum number of Appliances Stow some first Then you can place more. Is anyone else receiving this message. Do I have to expand my restaurant to be able to put more appliances on my floor. This seems to be something new at first it would let you buy any new appliances until you reached a certain level. I guess there is some kind of updating going on with this game however subtle. I've noticed other changes too. Also I am crazy addicted to this game. lol

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Re:Maximum Level for appliances

[Post New]by BanditSam on Feb 16, 16 4:08 AM
Hi Melorock,

You can only have 20 appliances in the restaurant at one time. If you need more ovens, for example, stow some of the other appliances, then add the ovens.

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