The new update

[Post New]by Antinas on Dec 3, 15 9:33 PM
So there is a new update for this game. All new content and new ways to play. I guess that is good. However it is, in my humble opinion, horrible. Every time something happens, when you complete a goal, complete a level, fail a level or whatever, it pops right in your face. And I mean litterally, the thing pops up your screen demanding your attention. I have played a lot of games, including quite a few of Big Fish games, and I am used to a lot of different game types and it takes quite a bit to get me annoyed and complaining about something, but this is so annoying, horrible and disturbing I will not be playing any of the new content. Firstly I get half a chok every time it happens. I (and I know this sounds silly) tried closing my eyes every time I know its about to happen, but thats not really a comfortable way to play. I hope for the sake of all the players who have been waiting for this update, that I am the only one who finds this utterly disturbing.

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Re:The new update

[Post New]by simhaup1 on Dec 5, 15 11:15 PM
And not only that. You have to pay money to get through some of these levels if you want to proceed to the others.

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