[Post New]by elmothelion on Dec 4, 15 2:22 AM
Cannot get thro' landslide with sledgehammer. Have looked at SG - no use.
Help please



[Post New]by hdsoftailcowboy on Dec 6, 15 12:37 AM
I'm getting the same thing. I do what the SG says but to no avail...Help us please!!



[Post New]by Malott on Dec 6, 15 6:48 AM
Same thing for me. Can't drop the hammer either. As soon as I'm on the location, I have the sledgehammer in my hand and cannot drop it. Can't back out from the location either - must use the map.

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[Post New]by Jujube2010 on Dec 6, 15 7:43 AM
Here is what you have to do.....look at the TOP of the pile for a rock that looks sort of cracked....hit that rock. The top layer will disappear.

Then look for the same type of rock in the middle and lastly at the bottom.

Took me a little while to figure it out too.

Good luck!



[Post New]by elmothelion on Dec 6, 15 3:41 PM
Thank you jujube



[Post New]by Malott on Dec 6, 15 10:20 PM
I had to look at a walkthrough at youtube - I know exacly where to hit the rocks, but there must be a glitch in the game. Something is wrong with the cursor. I cannot drop the sledgehammer and I cannot back away (dont get a cursor pointing downwards) from the stones without using the map and click on another location. I can pick up other things while holding the sledgehammer (as if i wasn't holding it) so that I hold both the sledgehammer and something else at the same time, I have hit every rock in the place (including the one I know is the right one) but nothing happens. If I hit the rocks in the middle/center, I get a chest from an earlier scene (where you get parts to assemble two horses). Something is wrong here...


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