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TWILIGHT is perfection !!

[Post New]by orphaned on Dec 4, 15 9:32 AM

love this series

REALLY love THIS game

great graphics, colours .. all beautiful

challenging and restful at the same time

sliding to new sections is innovative and fun

not your usual M3 game

and, for me, love the sounds of crickets and hooting owls

always look forward to each new game from these devs

thanks for hours of beautiful escape

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Re:TWILIGHT is perfection !!

[Post New]by Ashm00r on Dec 14, 15 8:32 PM
Thank you!
Seeing people enjoying the game so much motivates us to push ourselves harder and keep raising the bar.

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Re:TWILIGHT is perfection !!

[Post New]by LadyJane50 on May 31, 16 10:26 AM
I agree with you! I am completely amazed at how addicting this game is. Twilight is my first Match 3 purchase. It was a good thing I didn't have to work today because I stayed up until after 1 am last night playing this.

In fact, I loved it so much that I purchased two more Jewel Match games.

I am also very happy that each scene ends up becoming a wallpaper (which I love!!!)

My co-worker and I talk about Big Fish Games all the time and how we really enjoy this company. Wait until I go back to work tomorrow....we will have SO much to talk about!

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Re:TWILIGHT is perfection !!

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on May 31, 16 12:01 PM
You'll be happy to know a new Jewel Match is in development. I'm supposed to beta test it whenever it's ready but they hit some development snags and are reworking parts of the game right now. Twilight and JM2 Reloaded are my favorites in the series.

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