How to find mushrooms explained

[Post New]by hayward_deb on Dec 5, 15 4:45 PM
I know I'm late to the party but maybe there are others out there who haven't played yet. The problem with finding mushrooms is that you don't learn the skill until you have sold 17 of them to the landowner.

So, first get 5 mushrooms as a reward for helping the laborer build the fence. Once you have 25 rep points you can sell these 5 to the landowner who will ask you for 12 more. There now appears 3 sets of mushrooms in this area.

A cluster of 5 'shrooms is near the animal in the top right. 4 more are near the tree on the middle right side. 3 more are straight up from the juicy berries on the left side. Once you've gathered all 12 and sold them to the landowner you have learned the skill and all colors of mushrooms be be randomly available to forage.

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