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Where's my GOLD...?

[Post New]by NeenaL60 on Dec 6, 15 9:40 AM
Since the update my games a lil "wonky".. Kicking me out, freezing, bothersome stuff which steals lives, coins, etc... Now a new low... Today's GOLDRUSH word for me is ROSES 5 letters and levels between me and gold coins... Oh I can totally do this.. Get 2 levels/letters.... 3, then 4 & 5 (record time) required 3 boost and 2 extra moves.... Completion! Oh joy! Nooooo... What! Where's my GOLD! Nada.... Nothing! I am so robbed! This is a NEW LOW for I AM swearing off any and all word games... Feel sure something is going on because I've never been robbed before...(like this..)

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