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2015 player here. When will there be a new one? Can't wait!

[Post New]by KDinMD43 on Dec 7, 15 6:14 AM
I love this game! I have played the three over and over again. Love it and can't wait for another. I usually like to play in relaxed mode first and then try the harder levels. I love that there was a secret room in this game and caves to explore.

How about one that is Lewis and Clark with Pocahontas? Or one that is Marco Polo?
Or in Anarctica? Just throwing some ideas out there.

Does anyone know of any other games like this that has a relaxed mode? I'm not big on the timed ones until I play through relaxed. I've played Totem tribe, Island Castaways, and some of the tribe ones.

Please give us a hint when we can expect more.

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