Unable to find chocolatier game

[Post New]by kellimhill on Dec 7, 15 10:19 AM
Hi all,

I'm just trying to find and download/buy the Chocolatier game, Can anyone help? I use to play years ago and would like to introduce my son to the game if possible. Thanks for any help you can give.


Re:Unable to find chocolatier game

[Post New]by Happy_Ours1 on Dec 19, 15 10:19 AM
Hi kellimhill,

When you're on the forum page, just click on the tab labeled 'PC Games,' and you should be able to find it there. If you can't find it, type in Chocolatier in the Search bar on the upper right hand side of the Forum page. Also, when you're looking at the PC Games tab, look for and select 'Time Management' games.

I hope this helps!

Merry Christmas!

Take care,

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Re:Unable to find chocolatier game

[Post New]by bfgWaimea on Jan 13, 16 8:07 AM
Hi Everyone,

I did want to note that the Chocolatier games are no longer available on our site due to contractual obligations with the developer. However, we do have many similar games which can be found by browsing our Time Management Games page.



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Re:Unable to find chocolatier game

[Post New]by aleutcia on Jan 19, 16 10:53 AM
Unfortunately Kelli, you are not going to be able to find ANY games comparable to the Chocolatier Series. They are my favorites and I have repeatedly played them. For some unknown reason developers do not make these great games anymore. They only seem to create resource gathering games now. They are getting very old.

For some unique games give Totem Tribe, World of Zellions, or Wandering Willows a try. These are all very different but great games. I wish developers were creative enough to come up with games like these instead of those cookie cutter resource gathering games.

Good luck!

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Re:Unable to find chocolatier game

[Post New]by Blev98 on Feb 15, 16 10:28 PM
Unfortunately, there are only a few places left that I know of where you can still download the game (after the developer quit offering it). But luckily the first two Chocolatier games that came out were also released on CD at retail stores (I own them that way; I prefer to get discs whenever I can for the precise reason that you never know when something will become unavailable!). I've seen the retail versions for sale in both new and used conditions at a variety of stores and sites that sell through third-party vendors, and I think there's even a version of the original game that was released in cartridge form for a handheld system, though I've never played it that way. I don't think they are that expensive, either.

If you are also looking for other games like this, try the Tradewinds series (it's an older series, but I still love to play them). That developer has also been bought out and no longer exists, but Big Fish still offers their games, and they were available in retail disc form, too. They are similar in that they involve "trading" from city to city, buying and selling goods, and fulfilling quests. They also had multiple characters and storylines to choose from, too. Good luck!

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