No cursor

[Post New]by samangum on Nov 2, 09 4:03 PM
I've tried to play this game but the cursor doesn't show up. Any idea what the problem is?


Re:No cursor

[Post New]by pjbader on Jul 29, 10 10:23 PM
I am having the same problem. I am running windows vista and ati video card. will try it on a different system to see if there is a difference

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Re:No cursor

[Post New]by Mamalita on May 16, 11 8:14 AM
I also have no cursor. Several games that I have tried have no cursor. Supposedly it's because I have the driver for a Wacom pen tablet installed.


Re:No cursor

[Post New]by OrganicGamer on Mar 21, 13 10:05 PM
I just downloaded the trial and am having the same problem, three years later -- you would think there'd be a patch for it by now. Running Windows 8 (not on purpose, but there it is...)

I found another post by ironcode (thanks!) that recommends Alt-Enter at menu, unchecking the "use hardware cursor" box, and Alt-Enter again. I'll try that.

With all the conflicting reviews, I got intrigued and wanted to try this game...

P.S. First time I've had this problem with a game, but it's also a new computer...

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Re:No cursor

[Post New]by OrganicGamer on Mar 21, 13 10:20 PM
Just FYI to others who have this problem, it WOIKED!

I didn't use Alt-Enter, but flailed around in the dark for a few seconds until I found the Options menu and could uncheck the "use hardware cursor" box, and the instant I did that, my system cursor came up and it's been fine for whole minutes now, with no restart.

I think I'm gonna like this game -- good graphics and voiceovers so far, and no slowness or jittering. Happy gaming, Fish people!

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