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Option to pick spells? Hints during battles?

[Post New]by annatar on Nov 3, 09 6:13 PM
Being a lover of adventure and roleplaying games, I loved the fighting addition to this game. Maybe this is a new trend, since its been two HOG games with fights in the last few days. (Elementals: The Magic Key is the other.) I promptly bought them both just because of that, and for the most part I'm loving Hidden Magic, especially the fact that for once you get to choose your gender and not ALWAYS have to play a woman like you must in 95% other games!

A few things were slightly annoying - like the fact that I couldn't find the acorn (but that luckily been resolved now) - and that the fights were stressing and timed although I had chosen the easy version especially to avoid timing. I prefer turn based fighting with no stress, and wish there could be an option for that.

BUT - what I miss/don't really understand, are a couple of things regarding the fight scenes:

- First: One of the hint screens told me I should choose my spells carefully to fight strategically - and as a die-hard roleplayer there's nothing I would rather do, especially when the enemy has weaknesses I would like to exploit - but how am I supposed to use any strategy when I can't choose what spells are available? What's the use of a thick spellbook when I only get the three spells on the screen? Sometimes I can't use any of the spells on the screen, so I have to keep making unneccesary potions just to get some new choices up.

Am I doing something wrong here? Are we actually supposed to be able to choose from the spellbook?

- Second: Another thing I sorely miss is the hint option during battles. I understand the fights are supposed to be difficult, but how about granting us ONE hint per battle when you're totally stuck and close to losing, especially at those high level ones at the end? Or make an item start blinking after a while? ESPECIALLY since we can't seem to choose the spells and have to "vaste useless spells" while a high level enemy is pummeling us?

Because of the short timing (between enemy attacks) and heaps of items to search through in a hurry, I'm finding the battles, even on easy mode, becoming much more stressful than I like - as long as there's no hints or spell pick options.

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Re:Option to pick spells? Hints during battles?

[Post New]by Mr_Russ on Nov 4, 09 8:42 AM
I don't know about the hints, but choose your spells will open up in the advanced mode, which you have to unlock.

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