Bug in advanced mode?

[Post New]by Boomph on Nov 3, 09 6:41 PM
I was finally able to unlock the Advanced mode of play, where you can choose the spells for your upcoming battle. I am wondering if anyone else has found this problem: yes, you can choose your spells, but when you hit the 'Fight!' button to begin the battle, nothing happens. So the game sits there dead in the water cause there is nothing else to click on that screen. (And I did delete the old version and install the new version of the game.)

Has anyone else suffered this infuriating glitch, or better yet, found a way around it? Great game concept, but seems that the company rushed thru beta testing too fast to let this many bugs get to market. Perhaps they should be forced to wear 'acorn pendants' as a reminder for next time they publish a game.

How do I start the fight in Advanced mode by keyboard?



Re:Bug in advanced mode?

[Post New]by DarkQuad on Nov 4, 09 1:32 AM
There is NO bug. You should choose at least 4 spells for your battle.


Re:Bug in advanced mode?

[Post New]by Boomph on Nov 4, 09 10:47 AM
Dark quad: I did choose all 4 spells available for that battle. But the fight button is still dead. As far as I'm concerned, that's a bug. At least if I had the option to go to the menu, I might be able to quit and start again to rejog that screen. All they have to do is fix the fight button.


Re:Bug in advanced mode?

[Post New]by DarkQuad on Nov 5, 09 6:17 AM
Boomph: Maybe you did UNSELECT the spells? It can be confusing, but the selected spells are those that at the top line on the screen.

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