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Slow game.

[Post New]by pysanky13 on Nov 4, 09 6:43 AM
I usually do not have problems since I installed a new video card but this game is very slow for me. I used to find that not using a fancy cursor would speed things up to normal but this game does not have an option for that.

I thought the game play very nice and interesting. Especially finding the various items for the spells. I probably didn't get to any hard levels because of the drag in the game, but didn't have any trouble beating enemies because I just went for whatever ingredients I could find for any of the spells; once I had all of the items needed for one of the spells, then they would combine and work.

I just did this game today so I should have been using the latest build. I can't try again later because my time is used up. Too bad, it was a nice game with a variety of searches.

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