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Pocketfrog, Watson, Arbin, Frankie, Queen, Chelle, Christmas Lists........?

[Post New]by NeenaL60 on Dec 11, 15 6:21 PM
Unfortunately this is NOT my Christmas list[u my glitch filled game has gotten the best of me and I am refusing to spend another minute unsuccessfully trying to make it work.. I am SUSPENDING play for an undetermined amount of time... I am Not DELETING/QUITTING, I AM hoping against the odds devs will find a cure/resolution for my ailing game.
I would liked to been given the opportunity to mssge each friend individually but...(sigh) so it goes.... I understand needing the highly regarded friend spot/slot....we, do what you must...
I loved this game, I sincerely hope I'll see you in the future....

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