Apple pie game

[Post New]by hammertoe on Nov 4, 09 2:08 PM
I just bought the daily deal game "Apple Pie." It a basic match 3 game with some nice twists. You can decorate your restaurant and update your menu. When you finish buying menu items you must then put them in order. For example once you buy the entire line of cake pieces you put them in order according to the number of cherries on each piece. I can't figure out the drink line with the zodiac symbols. Ii looked up the order online and put them according to that but I still don't have 100%. I'm positive I have the salad and cake in the right order. I put the pizzas in order like a clock starting with the piece at 12. If anyone can offer some help I'd appreciate it.



Re:Apple pie game

[Post New]by SDLady2828 on Nov 14, 09 8:03 PM
I found the Zodiac on the internet and put the drinks in the order by sign. I still dont have 100% so I am baffled too.

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Re:Apple pie game

[Post New]by cathy1200 on Nov 14, 09 8:16 PM
The zodiac game was a little strange as there was only 10 glasses but 12 zodiac signs. They went in order until the last couple. Try moving the last couple around a bit and watch the gauge. You can see if what you do moves it up or down. I finally got 100% thru trial and error.

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