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amerzone help available

[Post New]by 321sierra on Dec 12, 15 2:38 PM
a century ago I purchased amerzone 1-3 because I loved syberia. I was so excited to play and used various walkthroughs and this forum for help but wasn't able to do what I was told I needed to; ex: manipulate certain things. I was so frustrated, even asked bigfish techs to help me out, to no avail. I gave up.....fast forward to centuries later....got new computer and gave it another try except this time I found an awesome game walkthrough (and also highly recommend utube) at Gamefaqs by puzzle master and realized that I didn't need those certain things to have a great game experience and to play a game I really enjoyed without "ultimate gaming hell frustration" all the way through. I've written this for all those people out there that never got those well-deserved answers they desperately needed for a great gaming experience. I hope, even after centuries that I have helped atleast one of my fellow gamers. Thank you, big fish forum. kb p.s I would also like to say "hello" to my all-time favorite forum friend Mr. Russ and hope he is well and gaming to his hearts desire.

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