zeus gate

[Post New]by rebelscotland on Dec 12, 15 3:12 PM
anyone tell me what i do at fountain all ive got is frog and mirror left

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Re:zeus gate

[Post New]by jcsgame on Dec 13, 15 8:30 AM
SPOILER ALERT=========================

Since you are at the Fountain, place the Stone Frog on the fountain on the right side
Click on the Frog 2x to get water to the other Fountain
Click on the Dragon of the 2nd Fountain 2x to get water to the Door
Go Forward

Bath Area (Path to Armory)
Click on Middle right statue -- get Strength Recipe
Go Left into Armory

Play HO -- Get Key and Bay Leaf
Place Mirror on right wall hook by other mirror
Click on the Round Thing on the floor 2x
Another Mirror is needed on the Left Wall
Click on Base that is holding shield on back wall -- Part is missing
Go to the Kitchen
(the Kitchen is the bldg on the left where you first entered this section of the game and got the Stone Frog)

Hope this gets you going again.

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