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Level 25a

[Post New]by amminnc on Dec 16, 15 10:52 AM
I have gold on every level except 25a. Any suggestions? I can't find a walkthrough anywhere. As extra tools I'm using the tower staff, rake and bag. Have tried mixing it up but nothing seems to work any better. I can't get to the last two lairs in time.

All ideas are welcome -- Thanks!

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Re:Level 25a

[Post New]by unclepaul on Dec 29, 15 10:39 PM
I finished up using the Axe, Rake and Tower Staff.
Yes it is very tight.

1. Collect food, food, food build house. (2 workers)
2. Collect gold,gold / wood gold/ wood gold. Use rain on lower bridge.
3. Build Grain Mill,apply wind to rejuvenate mine . Build bridge, collect grain/ grain,grain. Gold grain . Get another 2 workers.
4. Use wind on lower right goblin and collect last grain there, wood and grain from field.
5. Build sawmill lower right , upgrade sawmill , harvest and renew field throughout.
Upgrade Grain Mill.
6. Concentrate on getting wood and harvesting field and getting just enough gold to build a tower . Build Tower
7. When you have enough food to destroy one lair apply wind to tower and repair hole to right (I know it sound silly attacking the stronger area, but by doin this you open up the wood to grain trader for a fast build up of food.
8. Destroy camp right at end (the front two goblins don't seem to go back there).
Reade wood quickly and then destroy the other two camps to the right. Continue harvesting wood and grain and trading wood for grain/ destroy the bottom right camp.
9. Apply rain to bridge at left and destroy the two camps there.
10 Repair hole at bottom and finally destroy the last camp.

Don't forget that wou can also apply the scare enemy bonus at bottom when you have ony one or two goblins. I also used the speed up bonus when I could.
Scraped in at 5.10 but can see ways of improving this.

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Re:Level 25a

[Post New]by khimes on Jan 12, 16 3:49 AM
Im having trouble on 25 a too. strategy guide says to use the "bag" but I don't have a bag.....and don't see one listed in the artifacts... does bag mean the luggage? or have I just not found the "bag" yet.. this is a tough level so I need all the help I can get.. lol thank you!

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