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Help for level 34,Please

[Post New]by limawe69 on Dec 16, 15 4:39 PM
I can not find all the Gem's. only get 5300 and that is silver. I tried getting the keys
in different order, Don't know what I am missing. Hope someone can help me.


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Re:Help for level 34,Please

[Post New]by plat1098 on Feb 27, 16 4:59 PM
By "gems," did you mean the three purple artifact pieces?

This post is relatively old but that missing artifact piece is a cute trick by the developers, thanks and is well-answered by karystar in another post. It's highly likely you will miss the third piece the first time around, and it will only be revealed when the level is over, at the upper left of screen where it's always kept dark.

It's not enough to click in the dark area, the only way to get the piece is to have the worker head over to the small diamond left of the worker camp and stay there after mining it so that you can click away at that area, because it still won't be lit.

Thanks karystar, I was kind of going nuts.

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