Marionette puzzle

[Post New]by NimueVaniva on Dec 17, 15 10:51 PM
I matched the photo with the marionette and even double-checked in the strategy guide. I can't get it to solve and open the cavity to receive the item. Is there a secret I've missed?

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Re:Marionette puzzle

[Post New]by nuttynuts on Mar 19, 16 2:11 AM
When the Marionette's arms and legs are in the right place try clicking on the piece once more and it freezes in a reddish color. This means it is in the right place. Do this with all the arm and leg pieces.

Several other puzzles have the same: once the piece is in the correct position, it no longer moves and changes color. But sometimes you need to click on the piece twice for this.

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