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All But One Out Of 90 Some Levels! (23C)

[Post New]by Yaelle on Dec 17, 15 10:54 PM
Hi. I am back to playing this game & I never did figure out the discrepency with the artifact numbers but anyway - - -ignoring that I have gotten gold on every regular level, every bonus level & every collector's edition level BUT ONE.
This is 23 C - - -can anyone help? Annoying. If it had been 2 or 3 ...

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Re:All But One Out Of 90 Some Levels! (23C)

[Post New]by unclepaul on Dec 29, 15 5:32 PM

I found this one quite easy .
I used a magician's hat (extra 15 units of resources when use weather), the luggage / bag (extra worker) and the Wind Staff (speeds up wind recovery.

You will have two workers to start:
1. Collect wood, wood, / wood, Build grainery / wood, gold.
2, Grain from field, upgrade grainery . During all this start throwing the wind around to clear the mists, try to clear as much of the remoter areas after you have cleared what you need as they try to cover those areas first before covering some of the areas you need.

3. Collect grain to centre south path, build house and when have enough grain clear right rock and buy a tool
4. Build the trader in lower centre and trade for gold .
5. Continue collecting grain from both fields and trading for gold.
6. Build bridge at top centre clear rocks with gold and pay top shaman.
7. Buy another tool from right trader and then build top trader . Continue clearing to top left.
8. Trade for wood and gold, clear left centre path and build a forge
9. Pay top left shaman and build a Jewellery shop. Collect gems and activate both altars.
10 Buy another tool and repair gateway and activate. While this is happening use the storm cloud to clear both obstacles.
11. Trade for gold enough to pay the remaining two shamans and trade for wood to clear the hole.

12. Buy the 8 tools.
Throughout use the freeze time bonus.

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