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Idea: The game to remove purchasing options

[Post New]by OwlCat on Dec 18, 15 5:53 PM
Well, today marks one year since the last update.
And I was thinking... Now that the devs have abandoned the ship and we won't even get closure, wouldn't it be appropriate for the game to stop charging real money ?
The game is not even complete, there won't be any progress ever. But the purchasing options remain. Isn't that a bit of a scavenging?

I realize that there are poor souls that are yet to start off, so a nice compromise would be to remove purchasing options from a certain level. Let's say for the last (at least 5) levels to remove billing or if they can do it without the devs updating the game - to replace it with another form of payment - fictional, with items we can earn, create,or find?

What do you say?

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