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Very clever marketing

[Post New]by atroya on Dec 20, 15 5:19 PM
No I do not want to buy the Guide.

This is an utter waste of money.. There is something wrong with this game..
The map shows me two places in the castle where there are things ti be done but does not show the baby owl in the cage. I have been through EVERY scene from the beginning. Darcy will only say go and look elsewhere. But he does it in every scene.
Stalemate. I can do nothing in any scene. I am disappointed in Big Fish, perhaps the game will only work when one purchases the answers. I have many games over the years and consider myself an expert gamer. Thanks for nothing Big Fish

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Re:Very clever marketing

[Post New]by nwl43 on Dec 26, 15 1:10 PM
There is a walk through available. Check the first post.

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