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Game does not save

[Post New]by joyce2121 on Dec 21, 15 4:20 PM
I see that several people had this problem when the game first]
came out so I am not hopeful of a solution now. I did uninstall/reinstall
several times, but the game still starts over when I come back in.

Such a shame as the first 4 work just fine and I love them.

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Re:Game does not save

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Dec 22, 15 12:54 PM
Hi joyce2121,

I'm sorry to hear that there is some trouble getting this game to save your progress on your computer. Thank you for letting us know what troubleshooting steps you have taken. It may be helpful to run the game as an administrator. I'll include a help article below on how to do that:

Game Not Saving

If you find that your progress still isn't saving, please contact our Technical Support Team with a Dr. Felix Report. They are always willing to help further troubleshoot to get things up and running as it should!

Moving forward, we ask that technical issues be placed in the following designated thread:

Please post any TECH ISSUES for Fantasy Mosaics 5 here

Since I'm going to go ahead and redirect this thread to the technical issues thread, I'm going to lock it. Thank you for your understanding.


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