Level 4-4

[Post New]by oldiemamaw on Nov 11, 09 6:50 AM
I cannot get past 1484 on this level, just below expert. There is no 'thumbs up' on this level. I keep the floor clear, the candy machine full, but the highest I have scored is 1484, just short of the 2000 I need for expert. I am thinking maybe I need the cart upgrade where I can fill seven shelves at a time instead of only 5. Any tips I am over looking? Thanks !!


Re:Level 4-4

[Post New]by Jestmint on Mar 26, 11 10:52 AM
I'm aware at how old this post is, but, for all those in need of help, I have the solution. You DO need the 7 item cart. You will spend too much time filling up and making customers angry if you don't have it. Do all your prep work before customers arrive and make sure the buggy is full when they do arrive.
Wait while they begin to shop then watch the bubbles and fill the items that are requested most at that time. This will keep you up-to-date with item requests. Refill your buggy, and simply fill everything. The pace is quite fast, so keep a sharp eye. Remember to keep the candy filled, and if garbage falls, pick it up quick. One fallen customer will make it impossible to achieve expert.
Also, upgrade your food as soon as possible. This will give 10% money increase. Huge difference.
Hope this helps for those that still love this game!


Re:Level 4-4

[Post New]by oldiemamaw on Dec 29, 11 6:57 AM
Thank you so much, Jestmint, I checked back here a few days ago, not really expecting to see a solution to Level 4-4, but low and behold there was your solution!!! I started the game all over again. I did not upgrade anything except the candy machine until I reached enough money to upgrade the cart and her speed. After that I upgraded ONLY food. When I got to lever 4-4, I took a deep breath and yes, finally, I got expert!!!! Thank you so much again.

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