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Visual Problems, etc.

[Post New]by bribling on Nov 12, 09 1:29 PM
I seem to have a lot of trouble seeing things. Two good points about this game is very fast loading Hints and the ability to click as much as you like.

There have been two Hidden Object scenes so far (in the Demo) for me where I just could not find a single item! I clicked randomly all over and got some items that way but I never saw what those items were. I used Hints for the rest. Same thing, I never really saw the items. This may be the first HOG I have played where I could see absolutely nothing on a list.

This is an interesting game with beautiful graphics. A game i would like to play. I have worked as a professional field archaeologist so this game is especially interesting to me. When I clicked on the sifter and it worked, I had to laugh. I have done more than enough sifting, thank you.

Anyway, despite the good points in the game I needed so many Hints to find things that it took any fun away and just left me feeling like I was watching an interactive movie where i had to click to get the scenes to move.

Machu Picchu is a location I have dreamed of visiting since childhood. I will never get there but did enjoy the few min. of being there in the Demo. I'd like to continue but will pass on this. My vision is just too poor and random clicking and constant use of Hints is no fun.

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Re:Visual Problems, etc.

[Post New]by Rebeca_Lily on Nov 12, 09 9:40 PM
Hurray, Bribling, welcome to the "Blind Cow" club!...

At least one fishie here passed the same experience, and sends you her hearty support.

Orca Whale
Orca Whale
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Re:Visual Problems, etc.

[Post New]by corbs123 on Nov 13, 09 9:35 AM
my mouse is sticking all the time only played 10 minutes as i couldnt click on what i wanted also picked up keys but could only go in lab and just didnt know what to do.

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