[Post New]by mademoiselle on Nov 14, 09 3:44 AM
Hi everyone...
I have a question - when I downloaded this game trial I was so excited about it, but then as I was about to play it, I realized I had downloaded the strategy guide instead. I tried to download the game again, but I only get the strategy game....
I don't know if I am supposed to have something extra in order to play the game...
So my question is why I only get the SG.

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[Post New]by gojojogo on Nov 14, 09 6:10 AM
hmmm interesting.
Can i recommend that you uninstall the strategy guide and try downloading the game making super sure you are on the right page. Otherwise this might be a time you need to contact Customer Support, on Monday of course. Good luck though, great game

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[Post New]by Bobswife80 on Nov 14, 09 8:48 AM
Hi anyone here had a problem with the game not opening. We xp updated video card updated sorry but you open up play my games or use the icon itself the game will not do anything. you click to play now and nothing.

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[Post New]by vibtek on Dec 6, 09 8:13 PM
Is the game activated? When I loaded the trial version it wouldn't let me play the trial so I went ahead and bought it is a very fun game. You have to work with it. Reboot your computer se if that will help. type the dxdiag run see if your drivers are up to date.turn off your virus scanner. and fire wall.

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