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Holiday Table 3rd game

[Post New]by hobo11 on Dec 25, 15 3:05 PM
Would someone please tell me how it is possible to obtain the goals for this games to achieve the 3 gold stars.

It says:
Remove 136 Golden tiles
Complete the level in 39 moves

There are 136 golden tiles.... it takes 68 moves to achieve this. So how is it even possible to do it in 39 moves??????

39 moves x 2 ( 1 matching pair )= 78 golden tiles

136 golden tiles
- 78 golden tiles
= 58 more to go.
If obtaining 3 gold stars is a goal then I would like to be given a fair chance to accomplish that goal.

Surely this was tested before it was released so what am I missing?

Love this games overall is exactly what I like in a Mahjong game. With out the glitch (of course).

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