Where are the 4 plaques for rubbing?

[Post New]by flipcar on Dec 26, 15 12:23 PM
I cannot for the LIFE of me find the fourth plaque to make the alphabet rubbings. I've found the one by the dock, the one near the blue workshop doors, and the one by skeleton man door in the fire room, but WHERE is the other one? The walkthroughs say it's by the door TO the fire room, but I can't find it! Please help!

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Re:Where are the 4 plaques for rubbing?

[Post New]by Joal on Dec 27, 15 11:50 PM
Enter River of Fire go right in, but not too far as you will have a fatal!!! turn around to go out and there on left of door is a plaque. Hope this is what you are looking for .

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