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[Post New]by sthrightwhale on Dec 27, 15 7:16 PM
Can someone tell me where the troll and the dragon are to play them at dice, i have achievements for them, but don't know where they are or how to get them.
Thank you for your help in advance

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[Post New]by Rahia on Dec 27, 15 7:20 PM
Use the arrows at the dice table. They are hiding under The Innkeeper and Lord Chamberlain. I usually just scroll with my mouse button but I do remember arrows.


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[Post New]by walkingstar on Dec 27, 15 8:38 PM
Does Anyone know if the Avatar you use to play different dice challengers make a difference?>>>I had no problem with Anabel & Iron Knight But Lord "'ole blood-breath is a different story. I did the best with Anabel. Lost 3 times with Santa on Christmas! Guess who's on the naughty list..Then Iron knight,,nothing-0! Now tonight Anabel nothing-0..ARrgghhh!!! If the Frog Queen can best him then I'll have to get her first. If you have bought & played the prequel the Dragon is really nice & The Chamberlain is a murderer. Probably all I should say. It was interesting to see the before & why "A" came to M.C. 2 thumbs up if you are a junkie for this story like me..I Really want to know so somebody Please some ideas! [If it's not clear above I got anabel & knight easily. I can't see straight spell straight or type straight so g'nite..Q@W p.s. It's Not from the punch I made at the after party..don't think...

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Dec 27, 15 8:50 PM
Anabel, I finally got.....Iron Knight has not been phased by the Snowman, Reindeer, Snow Fairy, Mrs. Claus, or Santa Claus........

I really don't know that the Avatar you use makes any difference.....I have always had a lousy track record when playing dice.....It took me f.o.r.e.v.e.r to finally beat the Dragon. I have no idea how many coins I lost/spent to get him and don't even want to know.

I basically decided that if the Dragon had an HOS object, I would try to get that. At least if I won, I was getting credit for 2 achievements (Dragon Fighter and Lucky One). I average winning about 1x for every 6 spins......so I will be here a very long time before I ever get the avatars for the individual characters.

Basically, if you have the coin to lose, play against the characters that cost you more (Troll and Dragon).....if you are low on coin and just can't stay away from the wheel --- spin against the Innkeeper, so you don't lose as much when you lose.

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