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african cave

[Post New]by redbanana on Nov 15, 09 6:28 PM
I am stuck. I have items left from the first two Keys, but when I click on Hint, the shaman tells me I am done. I can't get the trail open, but I'm sure I need to find more objects in the cave. I am done in the hut. Is there something wrong with my game or am I missing something?


Re:african cave

[Post New]by wscheufele on Nov 17, 09 4:35 PM
I have the same problem and also can not find lever.

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Re:african cave

[Post New]by LizzieK on Nov 17, 09 7:33 PM
The lever is at the Airport.

To unlock the Airport so you can get the lever, you don’t have to do anything in the Cave but it does not matter if you have been in the Cave.

You need to have completed the 5 Key Objects that are in the Shaman’s Hut. The 5 Key Objects are : 1. Wooden artifact, top left side. 2. Plate, top right side. 3. Skull, left side. 4. Mask, lower right side. 5. Black oblong mask center.

When you complete the Black oblong mask Key Object it will burn to black ash. Just to the right of the pile of black ash is the wooden gear box that needs the lever. When you put your cursor over this gear box it will glow and you should click on it. Then the Shaman will come on the screen and tell you to go to the airport. The airport should then be unlocked on the map.

At that point you can go to the Airport or to the Cave as they will both be available to you. But you cannot complete the Cave until you have been to the Airport to get the lever.

Good luck!

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