There is a bug in level 32, The Perfect Tree

[Post New]by LYRANSTARGATE12 on Dec 29, 15 6:43 AM
Would you check level 32 please? There is definitely something wrong with this level; I believe there is a bug or virus within this level/game. I've tried many times to pass it but the game-play is arranged in a way that makes it impossible to pass. This game is not supposed to 'run out of time' the way it does. Its very suspicious and strange.

By the way, I did read another member's post who replied to the same problem. He stated that he passed level 32 but it took him a while, and that he had to start from the bottom, etc. My response to that game player is that he was fortunate that the bug/virus was not within the version that he downloaded. Because there is definitely something wrong with the version I downloaded. I thank you for your assistance.

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