Post-End-Credits Scene

[Post New]by Ravenhearst3 on Dec 30, 15 4:48 PM
After the credits, in the scene where the Ghost Patrol crew were driving down the road and that Kelly was wearing a symbol that was similar to those on the relic around her neck and was drawing some in her notebook right before the screen faded to black along with the sounds of a car crash, what was the point/meaning of the whole scene? Was Kelly taken under the demon’s spell too? Did the car crash sounds mean that the Ghost Patrol crew died or what?


Re:Post-End-Credits Scene

[Post New]by Ravenhearst3 on May 17, 16 6:53 PM
Since MCF's new game "Broken Hour" is still in the works, I noticed that one character in the game has some connection to Ghost Patrol. Does that mean did the Ghost Patrol crew survive the supposed car crash hinted after the credits of "Shadow Lake". Or does it mean the crew in "Shadow Lake" we're not the only members of the organization? I don't know?

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