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Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Nov 19, 09 1:22 AM
Here is what our reviewer thought of Luxor Adventures. Post your own thoughts about the game in this thread and join the conversation! Remember, a lot of people who will be reading this thread will have never played the game before. If you are posting spoilers, be sure to include SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post.

Luxor fans are in for a bit of a change with this one. Classic Luxor marble shooting is here of course, but as a mini-game…along with Match 3 and Hidden Object style gameplay. Three adventurers have come into possession of white orbs, which you may recognize from previous Luxor games. One of these adventurers is up to no good and has altered history in his favor, and it’s up to you to stop him. Most of the game is played as a hidden object game, with orbs hidden in each level that, once all are found, launches the player into a level of classic Luxor marble popping. Many other minigames also show up, from card games to putting together puzzle pictures. Ankhs are also hidden in each level, and finding them will ultimately unlock minigames once you have found enough, allowing you to play simple match 3, luxor classic, or endless seek & find from the main menu. The only issue I ran into was that some objects can be a little hard to click on unless you are very accurate…a wagon wheel with spokes for example would not register unless you clicked right on the item, not between the spokes. All in all it’s a fun game with a little something for everyone!

Game Modes:
The game is timed for bonus points, but extra points is the only purpose the timer serves. By collecting ankhs players can also unlock Luxor Classic, Match 3, and endless seek & find.

Luxor Adventures is a decent length game, with ten chapters consisting of multiple levels each.

Similar to:
Luxor Adventures is similar to the Hidden Mystery series and Affair Bureau.

Difficulty level:
This is a pretty simple game to learn, and should provide amusement for any player’s skill level.

Reviewed by R.R.

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by kishimojun on Nov 19, 09 1:25 AM
Uhm, bfgFlounder, this is NOT The Blackwell Convergence. Oops.

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by belamba on Nov 19, 09 2:51 AM
Am I missing something? Didn't have to sign in, and can't find a hint system? Help!

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by Poodlebear on Nov 19, 09 3:01 AM
Maaaaaan.... I have *such* mixed feelings about this game. Parts I love and parts... not so much. But sadly there is what for me is the fatal flaw that means I won't be buying - NO RELAXED = NO SALE I don't care if the timer is generous, there is still pressure and without knowing what the rest of the game holds and whether or not I will eventually be unable to keep up (particularly with Luxor style marble popper and Match 3 minis) I can not bring myself to buy.

Good stuff - lots of variation on play. SOME of the graphics are very good, which was weird, because while some hidden object scenes were clear some were muddy/blurry. Character and interface graphics are great, just some of the very junky junkpile hidden stuff gets too blurry to be fun imo. I LOVE when clues are given for objects and wish more developers would use this. Also nice to have the little iteractivity with find one object to place on the other to shake up hidden scenes. Hints are timer refillable. You get points for not using them but honestly I don't give 2 hoots for points when playing. Music is nice, sounds are good. You get Luxor 3 and unlockable Match 3, Classic Luxor and endless Hidden Object modes by finding ankhs so tons of value for those who like Timers there.

Bad stuff - did I mention the Timers? Honestly I do think the Hidden Object scene timer will stay sufficient because it's generous, BUT a Match 3 mini had a pretty quick timer (tho it was an easy Match 3) and of course Marble Poppers are always timed. You *can* clear the marble popper board by hitting the hint. I don't know if that's refillable and the board has more than one... what... flood? of marbles. (I don't play them, don't know the venacular ) I don not trust the game to be completeable if it speeds up too much for me to keep up.

So bottom line is IF there were not the timed elements I would probably buy, though the game starts off a bit blah it gets more interesting. BUT NO RELAXED = NO SALE

<---- potentially great game with personal fatal flaw

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by ykempy on Nov 19, 09 3:27 AM
Hi belamba, I had to sign in with my name when I quit the game and you get the hints when you find the bird headed god I think it is. Hope this helps.

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by Staril on Nov 19, 09 5:18 AM
The deal breaker for me is that there appears to be no way to bypass the mini games. Spot the difference games are painful with my eyesight and the one I had to play was a mirrored screen ... ugh ... with no apparant way to bypass it. The hint just showed one difference.

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by Rebeca_Lily on Nov 19, 09 5:31 AM
EEEeeeek! (eat fingernails ) Didn't see the timer, and the no-skip option, and bought the game! Can't help it - Luxor, Pyramydes, Maya, Japan, etc, work on me like Mantras...

Well, the timer is indeed generous, and if I fail, there is not many chapters to replay. So far won all the minis, and I am indeed bad in minis. in Find the differences you can ask for hints.

I hope I will be able to finish this one...


Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by CheerfulDragon8 on Nov 19, 09 5:42 AM
Regarding the 'spot the difference' games, yes you do only get one hint at a time. But the hints seem to charge quickly enough, so it shouldn't matter.

I haven't finished the demo yet. Like Rebeca Lily, I'm a sucker for all things Egyptian (been there twice!). Unfortunately, bundling Luxor 3 with this game isn't an incentive, because I already have that one. One of the problems of being an Egypt freak. Maybe I should just stick to being a freak.

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by OLDBAY on Nov 19, 09 6:00 AM
Well ,,,, can i say ? I played for 35 min,,,it felt very a fish out of water....get it ? ..really hard to I wait to get to another screen ,thinking it will get ..maybe a ok game to play..but not one that I would buy..Really wanted something to talk about on this rainy day..but this aint it...sorry..i give it

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by biomix on Nov 19, 09 6:08 AM
Intimidating. That's the word that comes to mind. Not relaxing. The spot the difference was confusing with the cursors....??
I don't like marble popping so this is A HUGE TURN OFF for me.
The graphics are very blurry. Like there is a film over the screen that I want to wipe off.
I played for 30 minutes but felt uncomfortable playing it. Was wondering about the minis and how many pop the marbles I would have to do. Too stressful.
I am happy for those who will like this game.
I buy MOST of hidden object games but NOT this one.
I hope they don't get into mixing match3's, pop marbles and hidden object. Not fun in my opinion.

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by penrose47 on Nov 19, 09 6:08 AM
I will NOT be buying this one....I HATE Marble Poppers!

Reminds me of Pinball

There is tomm.

Have FUN

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by Rebeca_Lily on Nov 19, 09 6:14 AM
May be we can ask BF to update the game, adding only the Skip button (for some of us it's a matter of life and death...

With Skip button, and with very generous timer - it could be a lovely game! [bribe]

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by sunnny on Nov 19, 09 6:37 AM
I bought this game, even though I also have a motto:
Timer Only = No Sale

But in this game I have my eyes peeled almost on the monitor
to find objects from the list and ankhs, I do not notice the timer.

As far as marble popper minigame, clicking on the hint button
acted as a skip.
I hope it continues.

I am not a fast player, but so far did not even come close to the timelimit.

Missed 3 ankhs at the very beginning, I wonder what effect it will
have on the rest of the game.


Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by nykelli1843 on Nov 19, 09 7:23 AM
I was surprised; I don't like marble popping or shooter games but this Luxor sounded different.

I like it. I enjoy the variety encountered so far--the hidden scenes that do require interactive use (put propellers on plane, etc). Only 2 popper scenes so far and they were way easy.

Didn't even mind the find the differences I've seen so far. And, I'm findng the timed mode is very generous.

Good sampling of different scenarios so far, like Venice, etc.

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by Howatch on Nov 19, 09 7:53 AM
Nice game so far. I'll have to play more to see if the situation changes as the game progresses, but having completed the first chapter the timer is a nonissue. If it remains so, I'm not sure why it was even included.

My only real criticism of the game is that some of the objects, for me at least, were nearly impossible to discern, even with the hint.

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by ducle on Nov 19, 09 8:25 AM
Same here (having trouble spotting some objects). And I am SO sick of ancient Egypt. , and the story seems really silly to me. But I do like the idea of combining different modes in one game (hidden object, match 3, marble poppping,spot the difference).

Edited on 11/19/2009 at 8:26:30 AM PST


Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by nuttyplayer53 on Nov 19, 09 8:50 AM
I dont think I will buy this one as I also have problems with my eyes when I play find the differences, as I have big problems trying to find the objects, although I do like playing Luxor, sry not a game for me

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by Eisteepfirsich on Nov 19, 09 9:28 AM
I really love this game and will buy it!

- Interesting hint system: You need to find it first in the very first scene. Simple klick after that on the egypt pharao ("hint")
- Nice story, clues (items) are not to hard to find
- Minigames are good (find the difference etc.), you can also use hints here
- Puzzlegames are not to hard,no skip-button, but NO TIMER HERE
- The game has a timer, but you have plenty time! I had 45 min at the beginning in chapter 1 and in the end 35 min left!!
- Unlockable: Marble game, puzzle game, unlimited hog
-Luxor 3 for free!



Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by okletmewin12 on Nov 19, 09 9:29 AM
have done about half hour so far and that was enough to know i would buy this in my half hour i got as far as just starting episode 1B, if game progresses at same pace, tells me an episode an hour pretty much, so lots of game play here with 10 episodes to complete, hint system refills very quickly, and the lack of a no timer option isn't that big a deal when the time is so generous

so far so good but will still do the other half hour demo just to make sure no tech probs ~ a couple of mins of demo time spent in luxor3 just to make sure it really was the full game, it appears to be the standard full game, since i had demo'd it when it was released and when i started it today it came up with username and score from before and started me where i left off ~ i like the luxor series and had all the earlier ones but didn't get this one because it wasn't playing well on my system, for whatever reason it was laggy and sluggish cursor was slow to react and all the standard cures of not using game cursor changing screen resolution etc didn't fix it for me so i passed on it ~ but today big surprise with this version i reset screen resolution and bingo the dang thing works beautifully, so this is a big plus for me, i likely would buy this game anyway but getting luxor3 thrown in for free, and it actually works, whoooohooooo!

lastly, is it just me or does the cain hisster character look a little like clint eastwood? not the first shots in monte carlo where he's younger but later when they start their joint adventure, i swear i could almost hear him say go ahead make my day

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Re:Luxor Adventures comments and reviews

[Post New]by bribling on Nov 19, 09 9:32 AM
This is so silly, I did not even notice the Timer. I have gotten slow enough that I also play most games in untimed mode though I could still beat some of them with a timer.

I bought this untried because i enjoyed Luxor and since this includes Luxor 3 I figured i would enjoy it.

The massive junk piles in this game put MPI to shame. Most scenes are a bit fuzzy for me and one or two were very fuzzy. This is not good but i am moving along in the game with little trouble and the use of few Hints which all surprises me.

This is not a bad effort for Luxor turned HOG. The minis have been fairly easy but I am not too far into the game. I have reached the past and am in Vienna (I think)?

Standard junk pile with some additions - find 2 orbs, find 2 ankhs, put two items together to solve a puzzle. The little "crossword" clues are fun. It is nice to see another Developer use this device.

Poodle, will let you know if i end up stuck because of the Timer.

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