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[Post New]by Purdyenough on Jan 1, 16 10:30 AM
Hello, I just wanted to ask if you know someone who knows someone who has an uncle twice removed or somebody who knows when the next update will be? I know you know someone or a phone number of someone who knows someone that knows even if it's a uncle twice removed. lmbo can you ask.......please


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Re:Knows somebody

[Post New]by Gin023 on Jan 1, 16 3:36 PM
So my cousin's brother's girlfriend asked her dad's best friend's uncle and they know nothin'!


Re:Knows somebody

[Post New]by Purdyenough on Jan 2, 16 7:38 AM
To funny. I was wondering when someone would comment. Lol thanks for that.


Re:Knows somebody

[Post New]by Purdyenough on Jan 3, 16 8:53 AM
Hello bfgBelleroph, this message is for the moderators. Please respond. Thank you.


Re:Knows somebody

[Post New]by bfgGlithui on Jan 3, 16 1:20 PM
Hi Purdyenough,

This is a great question, as many of us are anxiously awaiting the next update so that we can explore new depths!

As with other games, I'm afraid the information about the time-frame for when updates will be released isn't disclosed to the moderators nor to Customer Support, so there isn't anyone that we can direct players to in order to receive that information.

As soon as the next update is released, it will become available in the Updates section of the App Store, and we'll absolutely post an announcement about the update in the Sunken Secrets Updates thread.

I hope that helps!


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