Level 60

[Post New]by jkpeanut on Nov 19, 09 10:34 AM
It seems level 60 has no resolution for winning. I've tried several different approaches with no success.

It takes all the challenge and fun away from the game when you have the mindset that you can't win.

Anyone have ideas?

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Re:Level 60

[Post New]by Jencinta on Feb 23, 10 3:36 PM

Same problem here, I got really close a couple of times, one time within 100 of getting it I have sit here for 3 hours replaying it. Its crazy.

when I got that close, heres what i was doing.

I made 2 earrings from the last machine, with all red in them, so it looked like a heart with a red circle. I kept the 2 stands filled with these at all times. I switched to making them with blue in the middle and red around, that seemed to work awesome! I had to make another one every couple of customers. Also that millionaire guy almost always grabbed one, seemed like the game gave a little extra time around him, the blond chicks love them to. Thats as close as I have came, the blue with red around them, and just keep it full.

Hopefully someone will see it and let us know

Happy Gaming to all

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