[Post New]by linnetje on Jan 2, 16 6:27 AM
hi everyone,

I only have 2 days to finish the blooming oasis but i keep getting the wrong tasks to find pff very frustrating. Can't i just find out where to find the things i need to complete these tasks or do i have to wait until i get the task?

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[Post New]by afspam on Jan 2, 16 7:19 AM
The tasks are all listed on the left hand side, You want to click anything that has "Offer" written on it. If you are lower level you probably have a lot of other types of tasks there as well.

If you hover over the book icon on the left, a message will pop up saying "all tasks". Clicking on the book allows you to scroll through all of the tasks available.

If you have two offer tasks showing, you can determine which one is the one you need by clicking on the offer icon on the right of the page. Looking at each of the artifacts that you are required to build you can see what the items look like and what they're called and then figure out which task corresponds.

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