Things I've discovered...

[Post New]by THE_Winnie_Wonka on Jan 2, 16 8:05 AM
1: NEVER hit replay!! All the crystals disappear after the hand is over - replay only if you're like me and prefer to have a perfect score on every level.
2: Just keep playing forward. The game doesn't penalize players for not completely clearing a board so, no worries. It just takes a little longer to collect all the crystals needed to move on to the next level; more hands will need to be played.
3: Hitting the undo option after using a relic undoes the action of the relic, plus that relic remains unavailable for the rest of the hand...congrats, now there's a pile of cards that will NEVER be cleared during the current hand.
4: No, wild cards are not available to "purchase," but I've noticed if I use one, it gets replaced during the following hand.

Very stress-free game, perfect little time-waster. The graphics are okay...the soundtrack is GORGEOUS.

Glad I had a coupon for this. If I'd purchased it, I would be a little put out because there's NO CHALLENGE to this game.

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