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Nomads Clicking Crazy Levels

[Post New]by ZuluDawn13 on Jan 2, 16 9:45 PM
I like this game except for one thing - those click-a-holic stupid click yourself lame screens that Pop up Unexpectedly with all these nomads running around Whilst you are actually playing a level.

There are also a couple of impossible levels to finish - have tried everything Including Collecting goods for the Caravan on the previous level - which, if you still don't get the three stars and you have to restart, then you Lose everything you had collected from the caravan full stop.

Lastly, when you get to the so-called last level, it just goes nowhere and I guess that's it. The game is actually Over.

If it hadn't been for those stupid Nomad clicking interruptions whilst playing a level, it could have been a very good game.

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