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For the folks with Windows 10 problems

[Post New]by suetyler on Jan 3, 16 3:24 AM
I had the same problem with Windows 10 that a previous writer had. That thread was locked, and this one will probably be, too. But, I wanted to give my solution anyway. It's easy: get rid of Win 10. MS gives you a month to change your mind, and the uninstall is very easy, and takes about 3 minutes. Everything goes back to normal, and your games will all work once more. BFG CS was no help to me at all, which is why I simply dumped Win 10. I advise everyone else to do that, too. Win 10 was designed to fix some problems with the previous upgrade. Very few people actually need it, and it causes more problems than it fixes. Not just the games. GET RID OF IT.

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