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Product Street 7 and Powder Street 5 - Best Times

[Post New]by Destinye on Sep 20, 08 2:40 PM
Anyone managed these with best times yet? I have tried all the ways mentioned here and cannot beat the best times on just these 2 levels. Any other ideas!?

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Re:Product Street 7 and Powder Street 5 - Best Times

[Post New]by blueberry_crunch on Jan 3, 13 10:45 AM
After many tries, I did beat the best time on Product Street 7 at 2:03. Here's how I did it:
1. I clicked on the grass 5 times, got rid of the water so I wouldn't have to worry about watering. It's enough for the chickens and pig. You don't have to worry about grass for the pig as long as you get 1 meat which I always did.
2. When the bears drop, cage them and trap 1 black bear into your warehouse.
3. Immediately sell the black bear + 1 chicken.
(If you lose any chickens, you will have to start over. If the bears damage your factories when they break free and you cannot make 3 pancakes at a time, you will have to start over.)
4. Trap another black bear into the warehouse while you're waiting for the truck to come back.
5. Collect 4 eggs but start processing them when you have 3.
6. As soon as the truck comes back, sell the black bear + all the chickens (4).
7. Get another black bear into the warehouse and continue processing flour into pancakes.
8. Order 1 flour sac and 1 ice tray with plane.
9. As soon as the 3 pancakes are ready, sell the black bear + 3 pancakes.
10. Keep processing the 4th egg until you get 1 cake.
11. As soon as the truck comes back, buy the pig.
12. Process the meat as soon as possible by clicking non-stop on the meat processing factories until you get your tray at the end.

If you hesitate or don't do any step perfectly, you will not beat the best time. I had to try many times. I would get 2:12 or 2:13 many times at first. Then I got 2:09 and 2:06 and was beginning to think the best time could not be beat but I did it at 2:03. I tried over and over until I perfected the steps above trying not to lose any seconds on any steps. I did get the instructions above from another place online but don't know where so could not provide a link so I cannot take the credit for figuring this out. I've provided more details than in the post I found. Hope this helps others! Also, when you're waiting for the truck to come back after sending the chickens, you don't have to cage any bears. This helps prevent damage to factories when they break free. Also, I didn't cage any bears after I bought the pig. The pig seemed to stay away from the bears so I just let the dogs handle them. After you get 1 meat, you don't have to worry about the pig, bears, or grass. You just have to furiously click on the factories to get the meat through to the end.

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