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Trophy's Great Shot Bonus and the Super Star trophy

[Post New]by chevyqueen on Jan 4, 16 8:17 AM
To get the great shot's bonus, I have noticed that there are certain courses where you can get the great shot bonus easier. Jot down the course that you got the great shot bonus and replay it later if you don't get enough Great Shots. Also some courses will not give you the great shots bonus but a few times. For instance, I played Anemone Beach and got several great shots. I played the course three to four times and then it wouldn't give me anything higher than the 60 buck great shots bonus. African Miracle is a good course for great shots. Also when you use the irons in your golf bag they are not counted as a card in the long shot.

How do you get the superstar trophy. I have beat all of the records except for getting the most trophys. I have played all of the regular courses and I have unlocked several courses.

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