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Collector’s Edition Frequently Asked Questions

[Post New]by bfgErie on Nov 20, 09 10:07 PM
Since there have been many questions about the Collector's Edition of Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, we thought it would be great to create a post that will, hopefully, answer your questions.

What is a “Collector’s Edition”?
A Collector’s Edition is a special version of a game that is enhanced with additional features avid game players will love.

What does the Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove Collector’s Edition include?
The full and final version of Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove
Additional gameplay, levels and puzzles. This bonus game play reveals secrets about the Mystery Case Files series, but is not directly related to the mystery of Dire Grove.
An integrated strategy guide to get you through any part of the game. This is optional and not intrusive, so if you love the challenge you will not even know it is there, but if you get stuck it is there if you need it.
A badges and achievements system to add more replay value. By playing the game, you will earn achievements for completing tasks like “Found all 50 morphing objects”, “Completed the game without using a hint” or “Found secret bonus level 1”, etc.
Behind the scenes media. This includes concept art, additional video footage and desktop wallpapers all based on Dire Grove.

What is the price of Collector’s Edition?
The Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove Collector’s Edition is $19.95 and is a product that includes the game but also includes all the extras to help enhance the game experience.

How does that work with your “Every day, every game $6.99” slogan? Are you raising your prices?
The basic version of Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove (with free trial) is priced at $6.99 and includes the complete game experience. Only the extras like bonus levels and achievements are missing. We still offer all games for $6.99. This will not change.

Who gets access to this game and when?
Access to the Collector’s Edition is a Game Club benefit and only available to active Game Club members. The basic version will be available at the normal $6.99 price sometime in early December.

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Re:Collector’s Edition Frequently Asked Questions

[Post New]by bfgErie on Nov 20, 09 10:07 PM
Will the Collector’s Edition still be available when the basic version of the game is released?
Yes, the Collector’s Edition and the basic version are separate products and both will always be available.

Why isn’t there a free trial and why can’t I use multiple Game Club credits for the Collector’s Edition?
Our Game Manager is only updated every 4 to 6 weeks and does not yet have the logic to differentiate the difference between a Collector’s Edition and a basic game. When we release a new Game Manager it will enable us to have free trial versions of Collector’s Editions and allow people to pay with Game Club credits. We estimate this will occur in early 2010.

Does the Collector’s Edition count towards promotions like Novemberfest?
Yes. The Collector’s Edition contains the full Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove game and thus is treated just like a regular game purchase for these promotions.

Can I use a 100% off coupon for the Collector’s Edition (such as a replacement coupon from Customer Service)?
100% off coupons can be used to buy Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove (A $6.99 game), but not the Collector’s Edition (A $19.95 special product).

Why offer a Collector’s Edition?
Avid fans will love the added features as it gives them a lot of extra entertainment beyond just the game.

Also, a game like Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove is extremely expensive to produce. Offering a Collector’s Edition for the avid fans that appreciate the bonus features helps offset this cost and allows us to continue to invest more money into longer and more immersive games than a $6.99 price point would typically allow. People who get just the game for $6.99 are getting a deep, high quality game experience that is subsidized by people who buy the Collector’s Edition (be sure to thank them ).

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Re:Collector’s Edition Frequently Asked Questions

[Post New]by bfgErie on Nov 20, 09 10:07 PM
Is the Collector’s Edition available on CD?
Yes, any product we sell under 600MB is available on CD but costs an extra $7.99 for shipping and handling, just like any other game. The Collector’s Edition is about 400MB (final size still pending) so it will be available on CD.

Will you offer more games with an optional Collector’s Edition version in the future?
Perhaps, but the game must warrant it and we will be very selective if we do. We would not consider this for most games, but when a great game comes along with amazing production values, we will consider adding bonus features to it and selling a separate Collector’s Edition. In a few months we will have the ability to offer a trial version of these Collector’s Editions so customers can make an informed decision on whether they want the Collector’s Edition or just the normal game.

When will the normal $6.99 version be available?
Within 2 to 4 weeks of the launch of the Collector’s Edition.

Why didn’t BFG launch the normal version when the Collector’s Edition was launched?
The Collector’s Edition is a separate product with bonus features and is a Game Club Member benefit. Launching it first gives our most avid game players early access to the special experience. Collector’s Edition is only available to Game Club members.

When will the Mac version of Dire Grove be available?
A Mac version of the game will eventually be made available. However, it may take a few weeks until it is completed. The development team is currently hard at work on the free demo version of the game and polishing up the regular PC version of the game. These will be out within 2-4 weeks. Once those are finished, they will begin their work on the Mac version of the game.

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