HD/widescreen update rejected by BFG?

[Post New]by gnadenlos_GER on Jan 5, 16 2:32 AM
The developer offers an updated HD/widescreen version of the game on its website. I asked them why they don't offer the game to BFG customers and the answer was, that BFG has declined the update, because the cost for testing the new version were too high.

Is this how BFG works in general? We only get updates if BFG feels like it's generating enough new sales instead of giving their customers the best available version?

The same is true for the first Hearthwild Solitaire. The developer even offers this HD/widescreen version for free on it's website and you continue to sell the inferior version on BFG.

This is a problem that is not resolved with a refund (in that case I found out about the HD version before buying), but something that makes me think about using BFG for my future purchases. If BFG only supports games as long as they make them new money, I will redirect my purchases to other platforms or directly to the developers.

Can you please tell me if the statement of the developer is true and you reject updates for older games that don't generate enough new sales?

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