tokyo level 6

[Post New]by Hafflover on Jan 5, 16 5:19 PM
My soveriens wont drop?
How can i drop them in level 6 tokyo?

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Re:tokyo level 6

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Jan 6, 16 9:47 AM
Hi Hafflover,

I'm sorry to hear that there is some trouble getting the souvenirs to drop in Tokyo, Level 6. I can definitely see how this can be tricky as there are a limited amount of moves available.

You will notice that on the left and right boards there circles on the top and bottom that act as portals. To get the souvenirs to drop, they must go through the portals to the left board that contains the arrows at the bottom. What I found helped get through this level was to focus on getting the souvenirs to the left board. To do this, I ended up making line crushes as well as other matches on the left board. The souvenirs as well as gummies will end up cascading down and to the left. You can then work on getting the score level requirement once those souvenirs are on the left board and fall through the arrows.

To help organize the Gummy Drop! forum, we ask that players with their city level specific questions to post in that particular city thread. I'll include a link below to the main directory as well as the one for Tokyo.

Gummy Drop! City Directory - START HERE TO FIND HINTS

Tokyo - Level Help

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