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Guide to level 29, in 3 days

[Post New]by Justin96 on Nov 23, 09 6:51 PM
Day 1:
Let Tim do all art tasks.
Turn on the radio
Put Brooke at the threadmill
Buy cinnabuns, chcos and Ornage manuals for Tim.
Let W do all green/blue/purple tasks.

Day 2:
Finish the arttask goal
Chat with nadine,
Stress B and T out
Turn on radio and A/C
Let W do all tasks
Buy orange manuals for W

Day 3:
Earn the budget.

Note: this is to complete this stage

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Re:Guide to level 29, in 3 days

[Post New]by beepbouy on Feb 25, 11 7:58 PM
YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!! I've been stuck on this level 4ever and decided to look on here. It works!

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