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I had absolutely no problems with the game it was actually quite easy, but I had to play it twice to get the finish 5 HOP's in a row in one minute or less, this is one achievement I absolutely detest, especially on some of the HOP's were morphing items first then a list you usually have to play the game twice to get this one.
Well I got that one on the second round, but I did not get three others even tho I completed all .

get all collectables (yes)
puzzle pieces 41 (yes)
artifacts 15 (yes)
magical artifacts 18 (yes)

complete all HOP's with no Hints (yes)

there was another one to play match 3 instead of HO, but I went in for the third time and played match 3 on the first HO scene
I am not going in for the fourth time to get the other two. this needs a fix



[Post New]by CherylParker on Jan 10, 16 8:25 PM
When they have these achievements for finishing under a minute. And you don't get a chance to play them in the extras. There is a way you can do this without having to play the whole game 2 or 3 times. All you have to do is start 2 profiles and usually this dev. they have the HOP's pretty much one after another. So after you do the HOP in one profile you can go to your second profile and play the HOP that you just played. This way it's still fresh in your memory. You can either play up to an HOP then play under second profile and get to the HOP's. Or if your memory is really good you can play under one profile until you play the first 5 HOP's. Then start another profile and play. That's how I usually can get that achievement out of the way. This way you won't have to play the whole game a second time.
I guess it's cheating but I hate missing an achievement.



[Post New]by CherylParker on Jan 10, 16 8:44 PM
Okay so maybe I should have played at least part of the game before I opened my big mouth. It takes a while to even get to the first HOP. And you can play them in the extras.
Still you wouldn't have to play twice if you can get all achievements the first time playing. There are a lot of achievements in this one and I'm not certain if you get some of these just by playing the game or if you have to do something special to get them.
For instance one is for feeding a dragon. Don't know if you have to do this to get farther in the game or you just have to remember to feed the dragon.

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did anyone reach the garden??

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