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developers records help

[Post New]by sd1951 on Jan 10, 16 10:36 AM
Hey folks,

Not sure if anyone is reading this forum still., but I am working on getting dev records for levels and was wondering if those of you who have them all could post a list of your scores.

I currently have done them up to level 17 and a couple of odd ones in the higher levels. I now I am probably close, but I would like to know what I am shooting for.

Thanks in advance to anyone who posts.

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:developers records help

[Post New]by JGH2 on Jan 13, 16 6:06 AM
Here's a few more

18 - 43391
19 - 38680
20 - 57540
22 - 40580
23 - 47460
24 - 43640
25 - 44391

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Re:developers records help

[Post New]by JB4510 on May 18, 16 8:00 AM
Thanks from me as well. Do you know the time to level 1? Seems stupid as I am following the guide but I just can't get it.

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Re:developers records help

[Post New]by AbyBess on May 20, 16 2:31 PM
JB4510 - are you asking about the very first level in the game - Barcelona? I had a hard time with that one too and it does make you feel stupid because it is the first level and it seems like it shouldn't be that hard to get!

I got the devs record with a time of 1:07 (timer reads 2:53); my level score was 9011.

I did NOT follow the strategy guide.

Tools and seeds at bottom
First 2 piles of leaves
Take the right fork (going up) and next pile of leaves
Plant flower by that pile
Tools and seeds at top of that path
Take the left fork
Pile of leaves
Plant the flower next to that pile
Pile of leaves by the coins
Get the coins
Seeds on your way back
Last (center) flower

This was the best way I could work out with the fewest trips back and forth to the truck. Also, when planting a flower was the next task, even if what's her name was still running back to the truck with the resources I needed, I would click the flower and hover over the one I wanted while she was running; that let me click the flower the instant she reached the truck which may have saved me a couple nano-seconds!

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Re:developers records help - level 30

[Post New]by starrylyn on May 22, 16 10:54 AM
Hi all I came back to this game recently, after playing GI 4 several times, and am stuck on level 30 for the devs record. I made it when I first played in back in 2015 on all levels, but I had to retry several times on some levels.

I just got a score of 47,051 on lvl 30 and it wasn't enough. Upgraded everything, planted flowers correctly, opened chest. Maybe I just need more resources. I notice on some levels more time left is important and others you can just make gold but if you have enough resources you are good to go.

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